Supercharge your client interactions

Online anywhere, anytime in the world

Browser and full mobile support.  It means your clients can access it easily anywhere they have internet access

Digital best-fit like never before

Engaging digital activities mean best-fit is done at your clients’ own pace, they have more control. Descriptions leverage the client’s’ name and preferred pronouns. All this means your clients learn more and their results are more accurate.

Seamless integration of multiple models

Choose a combination of models for your client activities and reports.

Infinite combinations

Everything is modular, easy to configure, allowing you to use any combination of materials with different clients.

Personalization with names and preferred pronouns

For many reports it makes sense to replace a generic term (e.g., INTJ, or Rational) with the client’s name and preferred pronouns.  This significantly increases identification of fit (or lack of fit).  It makes reports easier to read since there are no terms to decode.  Makes sharing the materials with co-workers and significant others faster and easier

Repeatable for extra value

Easily repeatable, meaning that the client increases their confidence in their results and learns more about the models and themselves.

Designed for client evolution

Built from the ground up to allow people to update and change their best-fit results. Easily see a client’s history of results, with multiple assessments tracked and changes over time.

Just the right amount of information

Easily create a variety of personalized reports for different client groups.  Give clients only the materials they need.  Adding more later.

Powerful insights into each client’s uniqueness

Deep analytics on the activities and choices provide rich detail in multiple models

Powerful team analytics

Team tools and analytics make it easy to work with teams and them understand their strengths and struggles.

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