What Is Personality Wizard?

Personality Wizard is software for enhancing your Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness and Self-Development.

Many people are familiar with 16 psychological types and the 5-factor model. We are using additional psychological systems to help you understand yourself.

If you just want scores without having to think a little more about yourself or what it means, then this is not for you.

The Personality Wizard process is meant to help you understand how to be a better version of you, both in managing yourself and in interacting with the important people in your life.

Not Your Standard Questions

Our Self-Discovery Engine is not the standard 4 preference scale questions or just the 5-factor model questions, which is often how most other personality tests are built.

First of all, Personality Wizard utilizes additional, widely used and researched psychological systems. These systems are based on holistic patterns and provide different information to understanding yourself.

Second, it uses different activities to help you understand yourself better in different contexts (for example: what stresses you, how you prefer to be communicated with, how you act in a relationship). Using variety in the activities helps with both accuracy and self-discovery. The goal is to help you understand yourself better at the same time you are doing the self-discovery.

Third, doing the Self-Discovery Activities is only the first half, we also provide a full Verification process To assist you in finding the very best fit possible. In this way, you are in control, not some ‘test.’ It would be a mistake, both ethically and scientifically, to start giving you results and recommendations for your life without doing every bit of diligence to validate you have the best-fit from the entire Self-Discovery process.

Fourth, if you decide to go through the self-discovery activities more than once, we not only keep your previous results for your review, we also help you merge (average) them in our Voting Tally Engine Explorable. This means you can easily do things like: see if being in different emotional or mental states affects your results”, “see how your responses have changed over time”, “identify if you might be in a stage of developing outside your natural tendencies.”, or “take it several times, each from a different perspective (work, friends, family) and merge the results”.